Rules for Tuesday UpValley Traveling and Wednesday Capped Leagues

Darts/Dart Board Setup

  1. Players may use their own darts, as long as they are unaltered factory issued darts and tips, do not exceed 8 inches in length, and do not exceed 22 grams in weight. Spinners are legal to use. If a player does not have their own darts, bar darts will be supplied by each league location.
  2. All locations shall have clearly marked foul lines positioned 96 inches (8 feet) from the face of the dartboard. Players must throw with their feet behind the front of the foul line. Meaning, they may step on the line, but no portion of their foot shall extend over the foul line, as long as the trail foot does not touch the floor in front of the foul line before the dart makes contact with the board.

Game Formats

  1. Games will most commonly consist of 301, 501, 701, and Cricket/200. If different games are selected for league play, they will be advertised before play starts.
  2. League statistics will be kept for all 301, 501, and Cricket games.

Match Structure

  1. Total number of games played per match will be determined before the league starts. Each game is awarded one win. Total number of wins for the season will then be used to determine the playoff setup. All teams in each respective division make the playoffs.
  2. Playoff structure is bracket based, (1 vs. 8, 2 vs 7, and so on).
  3. Playoff games will be played in the same format as league games. First team to win 7 games will be declared the winner of the match. All 13 games do not need to be played. There are no dues required for playoffs, teams will pay for games only.
  4. All matches start at 8:00 P.M., with a 30 minute grace period. If a team fails to show up within the grace period, and has not contacted the opposing team, they will forfeit the games.
  5. If a team cannot play on a scheduled night for a valid reason, both team captains must reschedule the match. If a team must rescheduled, they have to give the opposing captain at least 24 hours notice. Both captains must agree on the rescheduled games, and the League Director must be notified. In cases of inclement weather, games will be rescheduled. All games must be played. Opposing captains are encouraged to consider all conditions and exercise fairness when dealing with each other in these situations.
  1. NOTE: If neither team cannot agree on a reschedule date, the League Director reserves the right to reschedule it at their convenience.

League Dues/Prizes

  1. The amount of Dues will be advertised before starting. Dues do not include the cost to play the actual match.
  2. All league prizes will be advertised before starting. To be eligible for an individual award, a player must have participated in 75% of total games scheduled. All awards will be handed out at the League Ending Banquet or Clambake.

Team Setup/Substitutes

  1. Substitutes are limited to 2 per team, per match, regardless of team size. New subs cannot be used during the last two scheduled matches of a league, or in playoff matches.
  2. When using subs, a team must not use any combination of subs and established players exceeding the league CPR cap.
  3. When using new subs, use the Player Rating found on the PPD site,, under Player Rating list to ensure the team does not exceed the league cap and for handicapping.
  1. When using a sub not listed on the PPD site, you can check the current NEPA Darts stats to see if the sub is eligible.
  2. If no stats are available, use the Player Rating for new players; 40 for men and 28 for women.
  1. PLEASE NOTE: All names entered via the dart board after agreement need to follow the rules above.
  1. Team captains must notify the League Director on the night of the match, or the day following, if there are any mistakes or issues concerning subs.
  2. Positive player identification (driver’s license) is REQUIRED when questioned by either team captain.
  3. If a player is caught playing under an incorrect name, the team will forfeit all games of the match. Playing under an incorrect name means anything other than your FIRST and LAST name.

Scoring, Machine and Player Errors

  1. A dart throw that sticks in the board, but is scored incorrectly may be manually scored by backing up the last dart thrown, and manually scoring it. The opposing team captain, if not present, must be notified and a picture must be sent if requested. A dart that scores, but does not stick in the board, counts as whatever the board says.
  1. Any dart thrown counts as a throw, whether or not it registers on the machine. A player may not throw any darts over again. A thrown dart counts if it misses the board entirely. If a dart is thrown before the “Throw Darts” message, it counts as a thrown dart, but will not be scored. Accidentally dropped darts may be thrown again, but flubbed darts may not.
  2. If a player touches a dart and it wins the game, the team that touched the dart will lose that match. The League Director must be notified of this event.
  1. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH PLAYER to insure the machine is displaying that player’s number prior to throwing any darts. It is the discretion of both team captains whether or not to reverse the turn.

Freeze-Out Rule

  1. Freeze-Out Rule applies to all “01” games. This means when your score reaches 0, your partners remaining score must not be any higher than the combined score of the opposing team. You can win on a tie. Also, you can pass any darts at any time, or throw your darts for that round as long as you do not take the game out. If you take the game out when you are frozen, your team loses that game.

                Player One        Player Two        Player Three        Player Four

                Karen                Jack                Bob                Carol

        1. Karen is frozen because her partner Bob’s remaining score (100), is greater than the combined score of the opposing team, Jack and Carol (40).

        2. Karen can throw her darts for that round as long as she does not take the game out. She can also pass any dart she wants.

General Rules

  1. Abuse of equipment, poor sportsmanship, or unethical conduct will not be tolerated and is grounds for forfeiture of a game, match or expulsion from the league.
  2. If a machine resets due to a power failure or other reasons beyond player control, the game should be continued per the instructions on the machine.

  1. Any machine resets, tilts, or malfunctions due to intentional or unintentional player action shall result in the loss of the game for the team commiting the action.
  1. Unintentional means if you hit, kick, push, etc. the machine and it resets or malfunctions, you lose whether you intended it or not.
  1. No kibitzing, interfering or giving unwanted advice, or harassment from players or spectators will be tolerated
  2. If any physical violence occurs, the player and/or team will be expelled from the league and forfeit all wins and monies paid.
  3. Bars will not charge a cover charge to dart players. Bars are not required to provide food during league play.
  4. Protests, rule violations, and problems with anything not addressed in the rules will be decided by the League Director. Team captains and league members should contact the League Director for any of these problems.
  5. Penalties for rule violations will be decided by the League Director
  6. All decisions from the League Director are FINAL.